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National LiveStrong Day

National LiveStrong Day
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 – 10:00am – 5:30pm
Sloan’s Lake – Denver, Colorado

Event Updates!
It appears like the weather may not cooperate, so as a last minute change, we are moving LiveStrong Day from Sloans Lake to inside the local MasterCraft dealership, S&W; Performance Marine. Even though they have a dozen boats coming in, they have been kind enough to help out and make enough room to keep everyone out of the snow and/or rain. They are also going to have some specials going on to support the cause and raise donations. Compass Bank will also be onsite to help out in a very big way!! If you open a new account with a minimum of $25.00, they will put $20.00 in your account to give to LiveStrong. WOW!!

We will also have some cool, random prizes and giveaways, and Mile High Wakeboarding will still give free, mini-wakeboard lessons and/or pulls to anyone that donates $30 or more (directly to LiveStrong). As a bonus, instead of riding in the snow and/or rain, we will allow you to pick a warmer, better day later in the season to fit your schedule. We will be onsite from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. If this does not fit into your schedule or if you can’t make it in person, see below how you can still help out.

Event Overview
You probably already know that Mile High Wakeboarding™ (MHW) has teamed up with Colorado Adventure Sports™ to give away a new MasterCraft X Star. 75% of the net proceeds from the Sweepstakes will go directly to LiveStrong and the other 25% will go to Colorado Adventure Sports™.

Separately, on Tuesday, May 13, 2008, MHW is also hosting a local grass roots event to support cancer awareness and research. As part of a national day for LiveStrong, MHW will be doing our small part to make a difference in something that affects nearly every one of us, cancer.

For a small monthly, or one-time donation (directly to LiveStrong), MHW is giving away free wakeboard lessons, boat rides, and/or wakeboard pulls. MHW will cover 100% of the costs associated with this event in order to give 100% of the donations directly to LiveStrong. In addition, MHW will donate 20% of any future activities, signed up for on this day, directly to LiveStrong. Our sponsors and pro wakeboard staff will also be on site to award random prizes. Quiksilver, Monster, and S&W have some very special prizes for some lucky donors!

How You Can Help
1- Donate $30 or more dollars directly to LiveStrong (LAF) and earn a free tow, ride in the boat, or mini-wakeboard lesson. (We will also award you one (1) free/bonus entry into the X Star Sweepstakes.)

2- If you are not able to join us in person, you can either give us a call, download the pledge form and fax it to 303-957-5420, or mail in a contribution ahead of time. No cover is needed for those that wish to fax in a contribution. (We will also award you one (1) free/bonus entry into the X Star Sweepstakes.)

3- Sign up for any future wakeboarding activity or lesson on Tuesday, May 13, and MHW will donate 20% of the gross value directly to LiveStrong. (We will also award you one (1) free/bonus entry into the X Star Sweepstakes.)

4- Go directly to LiveStrong and donate, shop, or learn more about how you can help.

Our goal is to raise at least $2500.00 for LiveStrong so every little bit helps!!

Please make all contributions payable to LiveStrong or LAF. You can send contributions to the address below or if you are making a contribution with a credit card, you can download the pledge form and fax it to 303-957-5420. No cover is needed.

Send Contributions To:

Due to the amount of automatic spam received, we list email addresses on this website without the at symbol.

If you have any additional questions on this event, please call

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