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Colorado Private Lakes

Colorado Private Lake Memberships – Mile High Wakeboarding

Please note that all of our private lakes and memberships are full at this time. As we have added lakes, thus far, we have had absolutely zero turnover. If you would like to email mhwinfo (the -at- symbol) to be on our waiting list, we’ll keep you posted if anything opens up and when we acquire additional lakes.

At Mile High Wakeboarding (MHW), we get it. We are riders so we know what we want in a private lake. For those of you that have never been on a private lake, we don’t have a sales pitch. You simply don’t know what you are missing out on. We are speaking to those of you that have been on private lakes in Colorado. You know that smooth water close to home is very hard to find. So if you are tired of the long drives, camping restrictions, algae, overcrowded weekends, favoritism to the existing lake members or the “old guard”, complete lack of lake management, rules that don’t seem to apply to certain lake members, lakes that drain down by mid-summer, or the worst culprits – power turners and tubers at 9am, MHW private lakes could be a fit for you. Our private lake memberships are set up for water-sport enthusiasts by water-sport enthusiasts.

Overview of Our Colorado Private Lakes and Colorado Private Lake Memberships:

Size and Location: All of our lakes are in the Longmont to Greeley vicinity and are at least 2200′ long (6-8 tricks on a wakeboard) and work on a 20-minute rotational basis.

Membership: MHW lakes are limited to 6-8 total members (nearly every other lake in Colorado has 10-12 or more) so you are able to ride more on any given day, or on a popular holiday weekend when every member is there with their 500 closest friends.

Cost: Memberships are up to $4000 for the first year, and $3000 for each additional year. Shared memberships are allowed but only count as one (1) membership for rotational purposes. Members may purchase up to two (2) full memberships. Credit card payments are ok with a small fee to cover the merchant charges.

Camping: Overnight Tent and/or RV camping and summer storage is permitted.

Obstacles: Slalom courses, wakeboard sliders, and other obstacles are permitted as long as they are not in or restrict the main path of boat and skier/rider travel or landing zones.

Lake rules: Rules and guidelines are established by MHW. Changes are voted on each year by the membership. Final approval and oversight is always made by MHW, however to date, we have never had to step in, and all of our original rules have gone unchanged. All lakes have a very strict Zebra Mussel policy that are nearly identical to Standley Lake in Westminster. Be aware of this before joining any of our lakes.

Lake membership benefits: Let’s just say that they are good and that they are the best of any lake out there.

NOTE: Mile High Wakeboarding mentioned in this article is not affiliated with the current; The article is posted for information purposes. Reach us if you would like it removed.