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About Us

Hey Nerdfighters and aspiring water gliders!

So, you’ve stumbled upon, or as I like to call it, “The Guide to Not Face-Planting While Looking Cool on Water.” Welcome!

Okay, let’s dive in—though not literally, because that’s the opposite of what we want while wakeboarding. This site was born from the sheer thrill of gliding on water with a board strapped to your feet and the wind messing up your perfectly combed hair (if you have any; no judgment here). It’s the magical feeling of conquering physics, gravity, and that nagging voice that says, “Are you sure about this?”

Here’s the deal: whether you’re new to the world of wakeboarding and your current expertise is limited to “that’s a board, right?”, or you’re the person doing tricks in the air that makes the rest of us mere mortals feel… slightly less coordinated, we got your back. (And your front, and both sides for when you inevitably lean too much in one direction).

Our mission? To be your one-stop (hopefully not flop) resource for all things wakeboarding. Think of this as the DFTBA (Don’t Forget to Board, Always!) of wakeboarding. We’re serving up knowledge base articles, some wicked how-tos, and answering those burning questions you didn’t even know you had. Like, “Why does my wakeboard look offended when I fall?”

So, stick around, absorb all the wisdom we’re throwing your way, and soon, you’ll be carving the waves like the waterborne deity you were destined to be. And hey, even if you’re just here for the laughs or to get a brief respite from the void of existentialism, that’s cool too.

Stay awesome (and buoyant),

The MileHighWakeboarding Team