Centennial Lake in Milliken, Colorado - Mile High Wakeboarding

Centennial Lake is a beautiful public lake, located in Milliken Colorado with several features on, near, and around the lake itself. The west portion of the lake is primarily used by Mile High Wakeboarding (MHW) for water-sport and beach activities, and the southern end of the lake is designed and geared toward fisherman and promoting quality fish habitat. The Colorado Division of Wildlife stocks the lake from time to time. Please observe Colorado State Fishing Regulations when fishing in Centennial Lake.

Recreation Permitted
Fishing is allowed at any time at your own risk but please stay clear of cable lines, participants, and cable towers. Let us know at the pool office if a wakeboarder or beach goer interferes with your fishing experience and see below for the inside scoop on the best fishing spots. Also be sure to check out Mile High Wakeboarding Calendar for our Fishing is Fun dates throughout the summer.

Lake swimming and//or triathlon training is permitted at your own risk before the hours of 10am - and in safe areas away from the cable lines during other times. Please check in at the pool office and/or with a cable operator so we know you are on the water, and its always a smart practice to wear a bright (red, yellow, or orange) swimming cap in case you lose track of the time or your whereabouts. You can choose any swim course you would like but as a rule, a good route to follow is actually directly under any cable line (before 10am only) so you know exactly where you are. These stretches are roughly 180 yards for your training calculations and are clear of water obstacles. Never dive into the lake from the shoreline - some areas are not safe for diving. There are also some great running trails around the property.

Beach, games, water-sports and other uses are permitted at your own risk along the western shore during the summer season from 10am to dusk. Wakeboarders, water-sport participants, and beach users, please respect fisherman and stay clear of the southern shore completely if fisherman are present. You may lose cable and pool privileges immediately if we receive a complaint from a fisherman so don't risk it.

Some of the Features Around Centennial Lake Include
•A brand new, fenced in dog park on the east side of the lake, along with parking.
•A .65 mile walking trail around the perimeter of the lake - pets are welcome but please use onsite "doggy bags" and pick up after your pet

•Picnic Tables
•A southern dock specifically set aside for fishing and quiet recreation
•Several underwater, fish habitat features - along the entire southern end of the lake, the SW and SE corners, near the middle of the east shore, and on the far, NW corner by the outlet.
•Several deeper water fishing holes - just NE of the fishing dock, and W of the tip of the southern peninsula
•600' beach along the west shore open to the public and beach goers
•Sand volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, bean bag toss, and other public games
•Cable wakeboarding park - see Colorado Cable Park Wakeboard Lessons or Colorado Cable Park Ride Sessions for prices, and other information
•Full concession and snack bar

See layout below for the various parking options and to become familiar with the property. Fisherman feel free to park in the horseshoe parking lot next to the restrooms.













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